"Blair not only gave me a new look, but a new life. I feel so confident and happy. I look 10 years younger—at least the cute girls I'm meeting think so. As an actor I could never do the shows that I'm doing now without Blair's system and keen eye for style.

At my first visit Blair explained that his design for me would incorporate more of my own hair so people will be looking at me, not my hair.

Thanks Blair, for making me "ME" again!"-- Client requested anonymity

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"Blair Hair changed my life. I never thought I could look this good! Thank you Blair!"-- Rob Lloyd,
Blair Hair client since 1993

"I can’t believe how many compliments I get now! You gave me such a natural look people don’t even figure out that it’s my new hair!"-- John Stevens,
Blair Hair client since Jan. 2007

"The hardest thing [about Blair Hair] is learning how to comb it again... I haven't had hair for 20 years and it's fun! I can shower with it, blowdry, brush it, even go in for a "hair cut" when I want. --Marc Berkley,
New York City Nightlife Entertainer
Blair Hair client since 2000

Your secret is safe with Blair! All client photos used on this website were done so with permission.