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Blair Lawhead spent nearly 20 years developing the “Ultimate-Blair” Blair Hair Replacement System.

After opening his business in Chelsea in 2000, he’s been getting proven results time and time again.

You may have heard about Blair Hair NYC from a friend. He has been serving an exclusive clientele in New York City and around the world.

Unlike many hair clubs, Blair Hair NYC never requires clients to sign a contract. Blair works hard to develop a relationship with each client, creating solutions for hair loss that best fit your lifestyle.

The Blair Hair hair restoration process has been a Hollywood favorite when scripts have called for stars such as Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis to sport more up-top than they’re accustomed to, but Blair’s system is accessible – and affordable – enough to make it appealing to any guy who’s looking to get a little extra coverage upstairs.

Blair emphasizes that he treats each Blair Hair client with customer care around the clock. Blair’s program is also unique in that it can be tailored to individuals who’ve just begun noticing hair loss, as well as advanced cases who’ve tried the heavy-handed baldness alternatives on the market and are ready for a change.

Time after time, clients have come to me after abandoning other hair-replacement companies who ignored issues of facial structure, body size and shape and giving the client a balanced look that takes the focus off of the hair and puts it on the person.

Blair Lawhead

For the man who has everything... but hair.

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