Many men hear about Blair Lawhead from a friend who is already a hair replacement client. Blair has built his reputation for unmatched customer service and attention to detail with more than 20 years of hair loss solutions. His work speaks for itself.

In 1989 Blair Lawhead came to New York City with a violin, a pair of scissors and a dream. Today, Blair Hair is being toasted by New York nightclub personalities and the Gay Press as a legendary part of the city’s lavender landscape and as much a part of queer culture as the Chelsea neighborhood in which the business is located.
– Austin Downey, NEXT magazine

Blair has built quite a reputation for himself among those going a little thin on top. His first clients were Broadway leading men, whom he worked with as an orchestra member (he is an accomplished violinist) in 11 Broadway productions. He would show up to work one day without his semi-permanent hair and, inevitably, actors would ask him his secret.

Flexible hours to suit your schedule

With a focus on customer care, Blair offers extremely flexible hours to accommodate the many actors and models that he works his magic on.

Blair’s program is also unique in that it can be tailored to individuals who’ve just begun noticing hair loss, as well as advanced cases. You may have tried the heavy-handed baldness alternatives on the market and are ready for a change. The Blair Hair system is non-surgical and doesn’t require taking pills or applying creams.

Blair is a master craftsman. He’s a Sassoon-trained hair colorist and cutter.

Blair works out of an intimate, discrete salon in the heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, but his clients come to him from all over the country and even overseas.

If you are concerned about hair loss, you should learn about Blair Lawhead and Blair Hair NYC.

It’s important to make good decisions about your hair. When you are bald, the decision is taken away from you.

Blair Lawhead

First your hair. Then your life.

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