No more plugs or rugs! No more scary comb-overs! The Blair Hair and Ultimate Blair Hair Replacement Systems give you natural looking hair using our exclusive, non-surgical hair loss solution.

The best hair replacement system for men

Blair has developed a better way: a porous matrix of human hair that matches your hair color exactly and is molded to the shape of your scull. Blair Hair blends seamlessly into whatever natural hair remains. His non surgical hair replacement system gives you hair that you can wash, style and cut.

Even in your most intimate moments, you can feel confident that your “secret” is safe.

No matter where you are in your hair loss journey, Blair can create a solution that works for you.

the best hair replacement system for men in New York with a receding hairline

Receding Hairline

the best hair replacement system for men in New York with a peninsula

The Peninsula (aka The State of Florida)

the best hair replacement system for men in New York with a monk spot

The Monk Spot

The Peninsula with Monk Spot

The Fire Island (aka the Sandbar in a vast ocean)

the best hair replacement system for men in New York who are bald

Captain Stubing of The Love Boat

The Ultimate Blair Hair System

In order to provide an even more natural looking match to your growing hair, Blair has refined his system with a range of five different densities. This creates a seamless blend at the perimeter where your hair starts. So, if your hair density is naturally thinner, Blair will use the appropriate matrix.

The Blair Hair System

Blair uses 100% human hair, matched exactly to your remaining hair.

Next he forms a micro-thin porous matrix carefully molded to the shape of your scull. This becomes the template onto which the human hair is affixed.

Your hairpiece can be ready as quickly as 24 hours. Often times, you can even have your hair on the same day! Blair carefully attaches the matrix to your bald spot and voila! You’ve got a full head of hair.

The matrix is so thin, after the adhesive dissolves, it becomes nearly transparent.

The matrix will stay affixed to the head for a few months.

The hair can be combed and styled. It is tough enough for swimming, yoga, even scuba diving.

The look is completely natural.

My favorite moment when meeting with a new client is when something hits me about that person. It’s like looking at art. One feature will initially catch my attention. It can be blue eyes, or a jawline. This is something I learned from my time working in theater. You can see a lot that’s wrong or right from a half block away. The point is to enhance or soften a feature.

Blair Lawhead

First your hair. Then your life.

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